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Five online games and at-home beers to keep you socialising until the pubs open

Five online games and at-home beers to keep you socialising until the pubs open

With lockdown easing in sight, we’ve got the top gaming + beer combos to keep you going

April 12th. A date that feels so close, but still so far away. When we can get out there, catch up over a pint. And while we’re busy prepping the Hoppily Tap Rooms for re-opening, dusting off the bar and painstakingly deciding which beers are going on tap (we’ve got some good’uns!), we also thought you might need some remote inspiration between now and then.

Since we’re all pretty tired of Zoom quizzes, here’s our very own Kristie’s pick of online games to keep you socialising, plus a specially-selected craft beer choice for each one.

  • Gartic 
  • Platform: Zoom/Mobile
    Cost: Free

    I’ve never been any good at drawing, but with a few good beers and a game as chaotic as Gartic that’s all part of the fun! It’s essentially a remote form of Pictionary with some very entertaining results. Maybe the perfect opportunity to show off those online art classes you’ve been taking over lockdown?

    Craft Beer Companion: Evolution in The Shadows - Mobberley Brewhouse x Cloudwater Brew CoA paint-splashed Imperial Stout to get those creative juices flowing.

  • Among Us
  • Platform: Mobile
    Cost: Free

    This bright, easy-to-play and dangerously addictive game is surprisingly family-friendly, considering it’s focused around killing your friends on a spaceship. The premise is simple: each player on the ship has a set number of tasks they need to achieve, everyone completes their tasks and you win! But one of you is the imposter, whose job it is to blend in and kill off the crew one by one without being seen. Expect betrayal, mistrust and a handful of heated arguments.

    Craft Beer Companion: Disruption IS Brewing - The Devil Wears Lager. This game will involve playing the bad guy, so why not embrace the temptations to be a little evil?

  • Psych!
  • Platform: Mobile
    Cost: Free (Bonus content from £1.99)

    Few games capture the brilliant, beautiful and mundane conversations that truly take place over pints, but this one comes pretty close. Everyone has a go at answering a question, whether it be a movie plot, general knowledge or a hypothetical question about another player - then you all vote for your favourite.

    Whether played truthfully, or just for laughs, it’s up to you to decide who wins. Think a virtual (and less controversial) version of Cards Against Humanity.

    Craft Beer Companion: Redemption Brewing - Solar. The name of the game is crowd pleasing, so it only seems right to have a Pale Ale that does the same.

  • Macmillan Games Night In
  • Platform: Zoom
    Cost: Optional £3 Donation

    Partly we chose this one because it supports a very good cause, but partly because we love an excuse to get dressed up. Macmillan have organised four online party games to be played over zoom ranging from a Murder Myserty, a Quiz Night, a Horse Racing Night and an Escape Room. Having solved the Mystery and just about solved the Escape Room I can confirm these are the most interactive games on this list, and a whole lot of fun as well.

    Craft Beer Companion: Better World Brewing - LynxCan. Since you're supporting one good cause with this game, why not support two? Or with Better World's links to One Tree Planted, Surfers Against Sewage and The Orangutan Foundation, we better make that four good causes!

  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Platform: PS4/PS5/ XBOX/ MICROSOFT
    Cost: Free

    Few things bond a group of friends more than the cry of war and impending (virtual) doom. You and two friends will parachute onto an island to collect weapons, complete tasks and fight for survival, Battle Royale style. This game is easy to get started on and very, very tricky to master. You may end up losing repeatedly to teenagers, but when the pubs do open again you’ll have some great stories to share with your brothers in arms.

    Craft Beer Companion: Pomona Island - Step Steadier. This game will involve a lot of late night sessions, so you'll need something lighter. Keep your head in the game private!


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