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Photo taken by Nadine Primeau - Vegan meal with lots of green vegetables including avocado, courgette, green beans and more.

From Veganuary to Vegan: Quick tips to sustain a plant-based lifestyle (and the vegan beers to see you through)

How to stick to your vegan resolutions post-January

Ah, February. We’ve made it through the year’s coldest and most depressing month, and summer is beginning to feel like a genuine possibility. But with January gone, are we dropping all efforts of self improvement with it? This year was statistically the most successful year for Veganuary ever with 50,000 participants signed up. 

So what happens now? Do we return to gorging ourselves on cheese fondue and actual no-quorn soy-free real-life dead-pig bacon sandwiches? If, like me, you’re hoping to make Veganuary a lasting change, here are our top tips to help you achieve it.

1. Get cooking

    It was all too easy to take the opportunity to try as many of the ever-growing number of vegan takeaway and fast-food options as possible in the name of Veganuary (there was a 153% spike in searches for ‘Vegan’ on Deliveroo).

     But living it full-time means watching your diet a little more carefully, particularly as vegans are more prone to deficiencies in iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin D among other things. Veganism is a lifestyle, and with that lifestyle comes the need to ensure we’re as healthy as the animals we’re meant to be saving. So grab yourself a vegan cookbook and start prepping that lentil curry!

    2. Stop trying to replace cheese.

      This took years for me to accept. Vegan cheese (or Cheeze) has come along since the weird, sandwich-ruining orange play-dough they once tried to sell to us, but it’s still not the same. Cheese melts when you put in under the grill, Cheeze just looks a bit sad. It’s time we stop looking for a replacement, although I can recommend Vio-life where necessary, and embrace hummus as our new saviour. It goes with everything. Seriously.

      3. Embrace the vegan alternative

      Where cheeze fails, jackfruit, oatmilk and biscoff are your new friends. Fortunately, as the interest in plant-based living has grown, so too have your options - so head down the vegan aisle and get experimenting. Be prepared to read the ingredient lists in search of the ‘accidentally vegan’, not everything is as proud to be vegan as we’d like them to be, or just join one of the many vegan groups that facebook has to offer and let them do the searching for you! 

      4. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

      Despite what the more aggressive folks on either side of the fence would have you believe, Veganism isn’t all or nothing. If you go six days clean but on Sunday can’t resist the allure of a salmon and cream cheese bagel, so be it! It’s better to have a lifetime of trying your best than to have two months of strictness before falling off the wagon completely.

      5. There’s always vegan beer...

      Where some supermarket breweries may use animal products to refine their brews, a process that doesn’t really change anything but the beers colour, Craft Breweries wear their unfiltered, unrefined colours as a hazy badge of pride. The average Craft Lager or Pale Ale is more than likely vegan friendly, even if they don’t make a big deal out of it. Plus more and more breweries are experimenting even further in plant-based alternatives with mouth-watering results. Even the once dairy-exclusive chocolate stouts have found their way to the vegan section. Here are some of our favourites:

      With 100kg of Cocoa in each brew, this Chocolate Stouts proves it can play ball with the non-vegan competition, especially with it’s hefty 8.4% ABV. This one will leave you seriously spaced.

    • PolarCan Pale Ale - Better World Brewing Co
    • Some breweries set out to harm no animals, Better World Brewing Co set out to actively save them. They’ve teamed up with One Tree Planted, to plant a new tree for every sale they make! Plus they work with foundations like Surfers Against Sewage and the Orangutan Foundation to do good all across the world. Oh, and the beers taste incredible.

    • SS9 - Leigh on Sea Brewery
    • We’re proud to say our local brewery has been Vegan Friendly since the beginning, but in no beer is it more impressive than with their SIBA Award Winning 9% Stout that oozes boozie flavours of coffee and chocolate.

      In the meantime, if stout isn’t your thing, check out our wider range of vegan beers here or, if you are looking for a gift, let Hoppily do the choosing for you!

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